About Us:

  • How much do estimates cost?           Free estimates!
  • Where in Illinois do you work?           Dupage County and parts      of Kane County 
  • How long is the warranty on rodding?  6 Months with one return.
  • What type of payment do we accept?   Visa, Mastercard, Checks, &   Cash

                                              About Plumbing:

  • What can I put down my garbage disposal?  Anything you can eat

  • How often should you drain your hot water heater?  It is no longer recomended in the industry to drain your water heaters.

  • What can be done with a FVIR water heater once it has flooded?  Plumbing and Insurance Industry  states that the heater must be changed, not repared. ( Water Heater companie's letter stating this are available)

  • What happens when a Water Heater floods?  The basment(or area with the water heater) floods.  

  •  Theres a stain forming on my celing, where is it coming from? The stain could be forming because of a pipe leaking above the spot in the celing.

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